Epicor 9 Phone Support Menu Tree (Updated Aug 2012)

We’re now using Epicor 9.05, and I’ve noticed that the phone tree has been updated slightly since last year. Sorry to you folks running on Vantage/Vista, but if someone wants to submit a phone tree for the 8.03 product, I’d be happy to put it up. So this is up to date as of August 13, 2012.

There’s been a few small changes in the sub-menus. Refer to the old menus if you really want to compare.

Common Options

  • * (star, asterisk) – return to the main menu from a sub-menu
  • # (pound, hash) – repeat options on the main menu
  • 0 – repeat options on a sub-menu
  • You can also leave a message for support after any of the menus.

Epicor 9

  •  4 – System Down Issue (No users can login into your live environment or completely unable to use the software)
  • 1 – Production issue/Application Support
    • 1 – Sales Processing Modules – Orders, RMAs, Security, Shipping and Receiving, MES, and CRM
    • 2 – Production Processing Modules – Quoting, Engineering and Jobs, Purchasing, Inventory, Quality Assurance, Advanced Inventory Management, and Advanced Materials Management
    • 3 – Advanced Production Modules – Product Configurator, Scheduling, Advanced Planning and Scheduling, and MRP
    • 4 – PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)
    • 5 – IQS or Advanced Quality Modules
  • 2 – Financial Issue
    • 1 – Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), and General Ledger (GL)
    • 2 – Cost Accounting, WIP Reconciliation, Capture Post Process, and Epicor Payroll
    • 3 – Add-On Modules – Open4 and Payroll and Human Resources
  • 3 – Technical Issue
    • 1 – Installation, Upgrade, or Database Performance Issues
    • 2 – Crystal Reports or ODBC Assistance
    • 3 – Tools – Sonic, Customer Connect, Mobile Connect, or Sales Connect
    • 4 – Customization, Personalization, Dashboards, and BAQs
    • 5 – Third-Party – Service Connect, Corview, PLM, FRX, Open4, APM, and others
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