Rain-X Makes Ice and Snow Scraping Easier!

So this was a pleasantly random but surprising find:

Applying Rain-X to your windshield during the fall and winter months will make scraping snow and ice much easier!

Rain-X, for the uninformed, is the mystery window treatment that makes water bead up on the windshield, and will virtually slide up and off the windshield when driving 35+ mph. Apply it during the afternoon during a dry fall or winter day, preferably after cleaning the windshield. Be sure to treat the rear window, your side windows (at least the front ones) and don’t forget the side mirrors.

If you’d like to really see what a difference it makes, don’t treat the back side windows. Then just wait for a frosty morning.

On a related note, buy yourself a Fantastic Ice Scraper. $2 for a great scraper with a brass blade. If you want more info, see the Cool Tools review. Buy them as stocking stuffers for your family!