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Extend Toner Life on Your Brother HL-2270DW By Enabling Toner Continue Mode

I’ve got a number of Brother HL-2270DW laser printers around the office, and they’re wonderful. I even have one at home. Wireless-capable with built in duplexing, and on sale the unit is under $100. What’s not to like? Toner is fairly inexpensive too, but I like to squeeze as much of the life out of […]

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Synergy and Text Expansion Programs on Windows 7? Don’t run as admin.

Synergy is great. And text expansion/replacement tools are great (ie, PhraseExpress or AutoHotKey). And Windows 7…well I guess it’s alright as well. Synergy lets me share my mouse and keyboard between my Windows desktop, my Macbook, and even a linux machine (if I still ran one at work). It even synchronizes the clipboard betweeen screens. […]

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Rain-X Makes Ice and Snow Scraping Easier!

So this was a pleasantly random but surprising find: Applying Rain-X to your windshield during the fall and winter months will make scraping snow and ice much easier! Rain-X, for the uninformed, is the mystery window treatment that makes water bead up on the windshield, and will virtually slide up and off the windshield when […]

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